Brazil: One in ten Brazilians have kidney problems

Data from the Brazilian Society of Nephrology (SBN) indicate that one in 10 Brazilians suffers from kidney disease. In addition, the Brazilian Census of Nephrology points out that, currently, more than 120,000 patients are on dialysis throughout the country.

In the Federal District, 1,068 people must undergo hemodialysis and 281 need peritoneal dialysis. The main causes for kidney disease in the country are diabetes and high blood pressure. The symptoms such as anemia, high blood pressure, swelling (edema), and tiredness go unnoticed. It is only the most advanced stage of the disease that patients are referred the renal replacement therapy. According to SBN, three types of treatment can be chosen: hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis (performed at home) or kidney transplantation. People see dialysis as negative, and hence do not prefer it. As per the SBN, Brazil has 747 hemodialysis clinics, indicating 164 patients per clinic. The data indicates that the number of clinics is not meeting the demand, and the last resort for patients is home dialysis. In the Federal District, seven public hospitals treat patients with renal failure: Asa Norte, Sobradinho, Santa Maria, Gama, Taguatinga and Ceilândia; Base Hospital and University Hospital of Brasília.

To ease home treatments for patients, the company Baxter launched “HomeChoice Claria” in Brazil. The equipment allows physicians to remotely monitor and analyze patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. The system works via a cloud data storage system, which facilitates the visualization of information related to the dialysis of each patient. Based on the information doctors can remotely and safely adjust the settings of each person’s home devices without having the need to move patients to clinics or hospitals. In Latin America, 2,234 patients already use the new equipment, it has shown significant improvements in treatment along with increased adherence to treatment.


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