Brazil: 70% of amputations in Brazil are due to diabetes

Brazil has around 55,000 amputations annually due to diabetes, which accounts for about 70% of the amputations performed. According to World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes is also responsible for 85% of the wounds in the lower limbs. Globally, three people are amputated every minute.

People with diabetes should pay double attention to their feet in taking care of them. Diabetic complications such as diabetic foot can be prevented with sufficient care. Diabetes is a complex disease, and people need to be aware of its symptoms and consequences.

Currently, there are more than 14 million people with diabetes in Brazil as per the International Diabetes Federation, South and Central America. Diabetic patients should be regularly evaluated for health and presence of complications. If appropriate treatment is provided in the early stages of the pathology, severe situations like amputation can be prevented.

There is limited awareness among people suffering with diabetes that regular foot care can prevent fungal infections such as mycosis. The infections appear superficial but can cause deep wounds. Care should be taken to keep feet clean, moisturized, protected by proper footwear prescribed by a medical specialist and never walk barefoot.


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