Argentina presents Latin America’s first artificial pancreas

Healthcare experts from different centers such as Argentine medical research and several universities in the South American country recently presented in Buenos Aires the first artificial pancreas in Latin America, which can control the level of glucose in the blood of patients with diabetes type one. The automatic device adheres to the skin and works automatically like a glucose monitor, which measures levels of the same in the diabetic patient as well as an insulin pump that provides this substance without operating it manually. The device remain connected to a software network that have a provision of broadcasting of blood glucose level information through a mobile application, which by using Bluetooth indicates if patient need to eat and properly regulate their blood sugar blood, and if needed, apply insulin. Experts also suggest that patient’s blood monitoring does not mean that the person has to look at 24 hours on the information displayed on mobile, but device will raise an alarm to warn when levels of blood glucose alter. It is estimated that around 300,000 people suffer from type I diabetes in Argentina.


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