The Best-Equipped Hospitals in Latin America in 2020

We recently released HospiRank 2020, in which we rank the top LatAm hospitals in terms of their equipment. This year we organized the ranking a bit differently. First, we expanded it to include 10 countries rather than 8, and we also adjusted the categories to the following:

  • Best Equipped for Hosting Patients
  • Best Infrastructure for High Procedure Count
  • Highest Count of Basic Surgical Equipment
  • Best Equipped for Accommodating Newborns
  • Best Equipped for Primary Diagnostics
  • Best Installed Base for Treating Cancer
  • Best Equipped for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
  • Best Equipped for High-Risk Patients

So for each country, HospiRank lists the top 10 hospitals in each of the above categories. The full ranking can be found in a detailed report that we published in October 2020. Unlike previous editions, however, HospiRank 2020 also has substantial market data for sales and marketing teams of medical equipment/device manufacturers. This data includes 2019 counts of equipment spanning 30+ categories for each country we cover, along with 2020 growth, 2021 projected growth and CAGR for 2019-2023 for each category. This data — which comes directly from the hospitals themselves — can help companies with demand forecasting and other sales planning.

The HospiRank 2020 report also has a detailed section on robotic surgery in Latin America that indicates all of the hospitals that have acquired these systems, the make/model of the systems they have and the years in which they acquired them.

While this data can only be obtained by acquiring the report, we did want to share a brief list of some of the top-ranked hospitals.

To create it, we went through HospiRank 2020 and noted the hospitals that appeared in 4 or more of the ranking’s categories, and we list them below.



  • Hospital Público Materno Infantil
  • Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires
  • Hospital Universitario Austral
  • Sanatorio Güemes


  • Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo
  • Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre
  • Irmandade da Santa Casa De Misericórdia de Porto Alegre
  • Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein


  • Hospital Clínico Regional Dr. Guillermo Grant Benavente
  • Hospital De Puerto Montt Doctor Eduardo Schutz Schroeder
  • Hospital Carlos Van Buren Valparaíso
  • Hospital Clínico Universidad De Chile
  • Hospital Dr. Hernán Henríquez Aravena


  • Clínica General del Norte S.A
  • Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá
  • Fundación Valle del Lili
  • Clínica Foscal
  • Clínica Las Américas
  • Hospital Universitario Mayor Méderi
  • Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe
  • Hospital San Vicente Fundación
  • IPS Universitaria Sede Clínica León XIII
Costa Rica


  • Hospital México
  • Hospital Nacional de Niños Carlos Sáenz Herrera
  • Hospital Clínica Bíblica
  • Hospital Doctor Fernando Escalante Pradilla
  • Hospital San Vicente De Paúl
  • Hospital Enrique Baltodano Briceño
  • Hospital Tony Facio Castro
  • Hospital Cima San José
  • Hospital Del Trauma
  • Hospital La Católica
  • Hospital Víctor Manuel Sanabria Martínez
Dominican Republic


  • Clínica Corominas S.A.
  • Clínica Unión Médica del Norte
  • Hospital Regional Universitario Lic. José María Cabral Y Báez
  • Centro De Obstetricia y Ginecología
  • Hospital Doctor Francisco E. Moscoso Puello
  • Hospital Materno Infantil San Lorenzo De Los Mina
  • Hospital Traumatológico Doctor Ney Arias Lora
  • Policlínico La Vega S.A.


  • Clínica de Especialidades Médicas Santa Inés S.A.
  • Hospital General Docente Ambato
  • Hospital General Guasmo Sur
  • Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso
  • Hospital Provincial General Docente De Riobamba
  • Hospital General Latacunga
  • Hospital Gineco Obstétrico Isidro Ayora
  • Hospital Clínica San Agustín Cía. Ltda.


  • Hospital General de México Doctor Eduardo Liceaga
  • Centro Médico Nacional 20 de Noviembre
  • Hospital Español
  • Hospital Médica Sur
  • Hospital Central Militar


  • Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas
  • Hospital María Auxiliadora
  • Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño San Borja
  • Clínica Delgado
  • Clínica Internacional Lima
  • Instituto Nacional Materno Perinatal
  • Hospital Regional Cusco
Puerto Rico


  • Hospital Auxilio Mutuo
  • Hospital de la Concepción
  • Hospital Episcopal San Lucas
  • Doctors Center Hospital Manatí
  • Hospital Bella Vista
  • Hospital Damas
  • Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital
  • Hospital General Menonita Cayey
  • Hospital HIMA San Pablo, Caguas

Going Further

This list is only a small part of HospiRank 2020. Acquiring the report will give you this full list in context and you will also see hundreds of other well-equipped hospitals that could well be sales targets. You’ll also have independent market data that allows you to compare 2019 against 2020 and 2021, which will be crucial for rolling out your 2021 campaigns.

To find out more about HospiRank 2020, please visit the report’s website:

NOTE: Until December 24, 2020, we’re extending a special 30% discount off the HospiRank 2020 for our readers: just put in discount code DSC30 at checkout.

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