Introducing our Tableau – centric Database

tableau articleA picture can be worth more than a thousand words—or data points.
At Global Health Intelligence, we’ve made it a priority to ascertain reliable health care data for our clients. The best way we’ve found to distill the information housed in our databases is to share it through Tableau. We have now fully transformed our databases to bring life to the data.
Implementing Tableau into our solution enables you to view data at your convenience, and also visualize data through its unique features. There are many benefits to this new approach:

  • Visualize raw data through nine easy-to-interpret dashboards. The same information our hospital demographics database always offered has been revitalized through data visualization. Tableau dashboards allow you easily see how many hospitals exist, their infrastructure, capital equipment, and more. There is no need to create graphics because Tableau does all the work for you!
  • Consult our hospital ranking lists to determine the best of the best. Get quick access to each country’s best institutions in various fields of care, such as cardiovascular health and maternity care. Our robust hospital demographics database allows you to prioritize and segment the market easily.
  • Adjust the focus and granularity of your analysis. By using the interactive elements available, you can switch from comparing country-by-country data to how individual hospitals stack up against each other. Filter, set, and highlight available dashboards to focus exclusively on the data points that matter to you!
  • Save and share your analysis. You can save your analyses for future use, eliminating the need to keep multiple files of your work. At the click of a button, Tableau will load and execute the filtering options you saved from your previous analysesFurthermore, these views can be shared with other users; your analyses can be exported as a PDF, image, or Excel file, and other users will see exactly what you are trying to communicate.
  • Access the most current hospital information and data. Once you gain access to our database, you will have a live connection to the entire data set. Whether you are downloading it in its entirety, or using it via Tableau, you will be interacting with the most current information.

Throughout the entire process, creating a user-friendly experience has been our central focus. Months of development, various revisions, and rigorous testing took place to ensure a worthy solution, and we are thrilled to officially present Tableau.
We invite you to see for yourself—and look forward to hearing about your experience using it!

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