Increasing Sales of Medical Equipment in Latin America

You surely have a strong list of sales prospects and have built your network over the years.

But you also still have to feed your pipeline.

Doing it by cold calling or industry events or other forms of networking is perfectly fine—but can take a long time.

And your target list may be very specific: hospitals in Mexico that will want to purchase an MRI machine. With more than 3,000 hospitals in Mexico, many of them small and without the budget to make such a large purchase, it can be hard to slowly research which ones are good prospects. It could take months, maybe longer.

Or it could take 90 seconds or less.

The video shows you how you can generate sales prospects for medical equipment/devices among 19,000 hospitals in Latin America in 15 different countries—lightning fast and with the correct buyer profile for your product.

Next Steps

Contact us to set up a demo of HospiScope. We’ll demonstrate live how it can help you find the best prospects for your product in your market.

Let’s feed your pipeline faster so you can start closing.

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