Colombia’s Medical Equipment Market Mostly Contracts in 2020

Colombia is one of the countries most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. As of April 19, 2021, the country has 2.65 million cases (#2 in Latin America after Brazil) and 68,328 deaths (#3 in Latin America). Despite this, in 2020 the country’s hospitals did not post a surge in basic equipment generally used to handle COVID cases (patient monitors or ventilators for example), nor did Colombian hospitals increase their acquisitions of specialized, high-tech equipment, as occurred in Argentina and Mexico.

GHI’s team recently analyzed the verified year-end figures for Colombia in the HospiScope database to evaluate the changes in the market as well as the significant drops that were observed.

Basic Breakdown

In 2020 Colombia posted decreases in many of the basic medical equipment categories tracked in HospiScope, with a few negligible-to-modest increases, including:

  • Infusion pumps: -7.3% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Patient monitoring systems: -3.6% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Ventilators: -2.1% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • X-ray machines: -1.7% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • EKG machines: 0.3% increase in Colombia in 2020
  • Ultrasound machines: 0.4% increase in Colombia in 2020
  • Anesthesia machines: 2.3% increase in Colombia in 2020

Specialized Shrinkage

In 2020 Colombia posted a number of drops in specialized equipment counts, among them:

  • Hemodialysis machines: -17.6% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Radiotherapy equipment: -12.7% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Gamma cameras: -11.1% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Stereotactic mammography machines: -7.9% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Lithotripter machines: -5.2% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Linear accelerators: -4.6% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Fluoroscopes: -1.3% decrease in Colombia in 2020
  • Bone densitometers: -1.3% decrease in Colombia in 2020

However, there were also some bright spots, with increases that included: 

  • PET systems: 48.9% increase in Colombia in 2020
  • MRI machines: 6.2% increase in Colombia in 2020
  • Angiograms: 2.6% increase in Colombia in 2020
  • C-arms: 1.4% increase in Colombia in 2020
  • CT scanners: 1.5% increase in Colombia in 2020

Medical Equipment Market Growth in Colombia, 2019-2023

To determine whether 2020 was an aberration or reflects the current and near-future state of the medical equipment/devices market in Colombia for 2021 and beyond, it’s helpful to look at future projections. The GHI team analyzed historical data for Colombia, along with recent numbers, to project growth/contraction for specific equipment types through 2023. The forecast through 2023 is as follows:

  • Patient monitoring systems: 42% CAGR, 2019-2023
  • Ventilators: 6% CAGR, 2019-2023
  • Anesthesia machines: 5% CAGR, 2019-2023  
  • Infusion pumps: -4% CAGR, 2019-2023  
  • Ultrasound machines: -3% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • EKG machines: -2% CAGR, 2019-2023  
  • X-ray machines: -2% CAGR, 2019-2023  

Compared to 2020, the prospects for basic equipment appear to be more encouraging, though they are not as favorable as those for other countries.

With specialized equipment, these are the near-term forecasts for Colombia:

  • MRI machines: 20% CAGR, 2019-2023  
  • Hemodialysis machines:  18% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • Fluoroscopes: 8% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • Gamma cameras: 4% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • C-arms: 4% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • Angiograms: 2% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • Lithotripter machines: -3% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • Radiotherapy equipment: -4% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • Bone densitometers: -6% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • Stereotactic mammography machines: -18% CAGR, 2019-2023   
  • PET systems: -19% CAGR, 2019-2023   

In 2020, 5 specialized equipment categories posted growth, compared to 6 categories that have strong projected growth through 2023. In addition, this projected growth is generally more robust than the relatively modest growth of 2020. While there are equipment categories with drops, these are generally not as severe as those noted for 2020, nor are there as many.

What Does 2021 Look Like?

One of the best ways to find how the medical equipment/devices market will be in 2021 is to contact us.

We can help you understand 2021 in a number of ways:

  • Our Latin America Hospital Monitoring service can give you weekly data updates on Colombian hospitals—including surgical procedures, new admissions and, of course, equipment—that you can access via a Power BI platform
  • HospiScope will give you equipment counts for Colombian hospitals so you can see the latest data on your top accounts and prospects
  • SurgiScope lets you see the most common surgical procedures in Colombian hospitals, allowing you to gauge demand for your surgical products, such as generators, tables, anesthesia machines and more
  • ShareScope tells you which companies are the market share leaders in Colombia for dozens of common types of medical equipment
  • In-Scope lets you determine what kind of specialized study you need and our team then delivers the crucial answers for your strategic questions

Contact us to see how we can help you understand the driving factors behind the 2020 numbers om Colombia, along with what to expect in 2021 and beyond. 

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