Driving Sales Force Effectiveness Modeling in Latin American Healthcare



Our client, a leading global healthcare solutions that operated in multiple LatAm market, had difficulties with its sales force effectiveness (SFE) modeling. The root cause was the lack of comprehensive hospital data, which usually consists of a patchwork of information inconsistently stitched together by field teams that in turn has significant differences across both hospitals and markets. As a result, the company could not implement an effective, efficient SFE program.


Global Health Intelligence (GHI) gave the client access to the largest hospitals database in Latin America, featuring more than 2 million data points for facilities in 11 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.


The client’s sales team was able to leverage GHI’s data for SFE, propensity modeling and to manage distributors. Its business intelligence team uses the data to identify hospitals with the highest sales opportunity by modality, weighting and scoring attributes to create tiers. The client could then target and direct its salesforce accordingly.

Client Benefit

With easy-to-use dashboards, the client could quickly obtain an accurate, comprehensive view of targets and business potential. The client could also integrate GHI’s database with its CRM and have automated updates to stay current. Moreover, granular data allowed the client to allocate sales resources towards maximum impact, evaluate sales effectiveness and institutionalize best practices.

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