Mexico plays a major part in making America number one


Top federal authorities from Mexico have showed their anguish over Trump. According to them, the close cooperation has been built by two neighbors over the years, but, USA underpins Mexico’s economic and security interests. And after the first few weeks of the Trump presidency, Mexico is on the verge of losing it. A quick look at the relationship shows that America can’t be first without Mexico. U.S.-Mexico trade supports 6 million jobs nationally. Those numbers reflect Mexico’s status as Texas’ biggest trading partner and third-largest for America. More than just exchanging goods, Texas and Mexico actually build things together. Big things, valuable things like cars, medical devices and consumer electronics. Mexico is unique among America’s trading partners because Texas workers benefit from both exports to Mexico and imports from Mexico. 40% of the value of finished products US import from Mexico is US content, for China, it’s 4 percent. A trade war with Mexico will lay off all those jobs and opportunities.


Dallas News

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