Analysis of Brazil Healthcare Payment Industry



Our client, a U.S.-based financial institution that provides payment solutions for the healthcare industry, wanted to assess its growth strategy outside the US, comparing several international markets. The client hired Global Market Intelligence (GHI) to do a baseline analysis of the health care payment system in Brazil, as part of its greater search for promising places to do business outside the U.S.


GHI analysts accessed data made available by the Brazilian Ministry of Health and other government agencies and held interviews with banks, insurance brokers and doctors serving both the public and private systems to create a general overview of the Brazilian health care payment system, including: 1) the size of the health care/health insurance markets, 2) the structure of the public and private health care systems and payments, and 3) the most frequently used payment methods.


GHI’s research provided the client with invaluable information on the ins and outs of this market, enabling it to understand the opportunities and risks of opening up shop in Brazil.

Client Benefit

GHI helped the client to compare the potential of the Brazilian market to other world markets in an analysis of its global growth strategy.

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