Trumps decisions to hit Mexican business worth USD 580 billion

brasil-reforming-accessUS President Mr. Donald Trump’s decision to put a 20% tax on Mexican imports may have an impact over Mexican market worth USD 580 billion. Some of the A range of the US companies from automakers like General Motors to retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores and even medical-device producers like Medtronic would also bear the brunt. Hostilities between President Donald Trump and his counterpart, Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico, could derail USD 584 billion in trade between the border nations. The relationship has made supply chains densely interconnected. American-made materials and parts make up 40% of the products Mexico exports to the U.S. Meanwhile, Mexico is America’s second-largest export market and third-largest supplier of imported goods. Since the economies are so far integrated, the industries that would be impacted are extremely broad. Mexican imports also include oil, cars and lots of medical equipment. Medtronic alone has almost 1 million square feet of manufacturing space in the country for making products to treat cardiovascular disease. Top management of Medtronic is closely monitoring the dispute.



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