Costa Rica Hospital Demographics 2016 – Room for growth in equipment penetration

Costa Rica is one of Central America’s most important hospital markets, with a total of 136 hospitals and an average of 25 beds per hospital.  However, penetration of capital equipment remains relatively low compared with regional standards.

  • Number of hospitals: 136
  • Number of hospital beds per hospital (average): 25
  • Operating rooms per hospital (average): 0.9

Penetration of:

Procedure types:

  • Ambulatory: 63%
  • Hospitalization: 37%

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Mariana Romero
Mariana is a Senior Account Manager for Global Health Intelligence and has been a key component of the company since day one. As part of her functions, Mariana assesses clients’ market intelligence solutions and methodologies that will drive ROI decisions. Mariana also oversees primary and secondary research efforts, with a principal focus on capital equipment, medical devices, procedure and epidemiological trends, market activity, hospital data and competitive analysis across emerging markets. Additionally, Mariana leads GHI’s marketing, communication and PR activities.
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